Empowering youth & championing locals

Our Vision

In Hawaii, “Holoholo” is a phrase that announces adventure, and in times past, an adventure involving fishing. When someone says, “Hey, let’s go Holoholo,” you immediately drop what you’re doing and go, knowing you will have an amazing time wherever you go and with whoever shows up. So much of the adventure lies in the people and journey itself. The heart of Holoholo DTS is Jesus Christ. Jesus said to his disciples, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” — his invitation to holoholo.

So let’s holoholo!

We are Holoholo Ministries, a crew of missionaries dedicated to serving and building up the locals in Hawaii and Southeast Asia in Christ's name. It is our earnest prayer that you'll be blessed by our experiences and testimonies. Mahalo nui loa! Holoholo we go! 

God’s adventure awaits for you and me. Together we will discover more of who God is, recognize His heart for the nations, and learn to do the impossible with our heavenly Father as we evangelize and fish for men.

Our Focus

In addition to instilling YWAM's foundational values, Holoholo DTS also integrates Hawaiian cultural values and perspectives.  We tend to operate on the smaller scale having less than 20 students, which allows us a deeper intimacy with each other and creates a more family-like atmosphere.

Our ministry has had a focus on Southeast Asia, frequently returning to the Philippines and Thailand, as it is our desire to cultivate long-term overseas relationships.  In the past we've been blessed to serve in Malaysia, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, American Samoa, Korea, and Japan.

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School Details

Come do your Discipleship Training School in the beautifully re-purposed hotel base of YWAM Ships Kona and fly out to your outreach destination!


  • January 3, 2019 - June 7, 2019
  • January 2, 2020 - TBA


  • Lecture Phase: $3995
  • Outreach Phase: $5000 - $6000


  • Paid application fee
  • Completed application and health forms
  • English proficiency

"During my Holoholo DTS I had the chance to grow more fully into what it means to be God’s child, laying down some things that were keeping me from loving myself and others, and learning to more deeply receive God’s love and grace in my life. Both in Hawaii and in the Philippines, I experienced partnership and community within the extended family of Christ and was able to see Him at work in all of the places and communities we encountered."

Ariana Yee (Holoholo Sept DTS)


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Empowering youth & championing locals